Wonder Woman Costume DIY Part 1: The Bracers

Wonder Woman Costume DIYWonder Woman is probably the most iconic of all the female superheros. Here is part 1 of my Wonder Woman costume tutorial.

This Wonder Woman costume is based on the Rileah Vanderbilt version from the short film by Rainfall Films. (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend checking it out because it’s quite awesome.) There will be 2 more parts following this in the coming weeks to make the entire costume pictured. This tutorial shows how to make the Wonder Woman bracers.

You can get a free pdf template for the bracers here. (The template also includes patterns for the the tiara, belt, and eagle that will be used in part 2 of the Wonder Woman costume.) Check back next week for part 2 of the Wonder Woman costume tutorial.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Costume DIY Part 1: The Bracers

  1. Amber I’m telling you, you are sooo talented. I really like this tutorial of Wonder Woman. I look forward to the next video. 🙂

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