About The Woodland Elf

I'm just a crazy little crafter, geek, photographer, webdesigner, believer in fairies, writer, seamstress, musician, organic farmer, environmental activist, and resident cow whisperer on the farm. My blog consists of frequent do-it-yourself crafting and sewing video tutorials (I try to focus on eco-friendly projects), some tips for off-the-grid living, a few possibly edible recipes, and environmental viewpoints. I also make and sell a variety of eco-friendly items including recycled paper greeting cards and natural crafts, as well as raising non-certified organic produce and flowers. Check out my website: www.TheWoodlandElf.com

DIY Cheap and Easy Iron Man Repulsor

DIY Cheap and Easy Iron Man Repulsor Had a request for an Iron Man repulsor tutorial. This a fairly cheap and easy Iron Man repulsor which you can put together with some pretty basic supplies. Continue reading

How to Make Falcon Wings (Foldable)

How to Make Falcon Wings (Foldable) Had a couple requests for how to make Falcon wings and it’s taken me quite a while to figure out how I was going to do it, but I finally got ‘em made. Continue reading