Chewbacca Bowcaster DIY (Star Wars Wookie Crossbow)

DIY Chewbacca Bowcaster (Star Wars Wookie Crossbow) This is a tutorial for the Chewbacca bowcaster from Star Wars. Had a request for this one, so put it together from some fairly common items that most people already have lying around their house.

This version of Chewie’s crossbow is a very affordable build, since the bulk of it is just cardboard. I simplfied it a bit for easier construction, particularly in the area of the scopes, but you can always add in the extra details if you want to be more authentic. If you want to use the template I made, click here to download the free pdf here. When you go around the bowcaster with the electrical tape, make sure you don’t pull it tight at all, otherwise it’ll pull away from the bowcaster in all the corners.

You can also use this crossbow as a base, and make a few alterations to cosplay other crossbow wielding characters such as Daryl Dixon, Nick Burkhardt, Charlie Matheson, etc. Since I don’t have a Chewie costume, I settled for “Wookie” earmuffs at the end. Oh, and the presence of a Kashyyyk cat during construction is completely optional 😉

Bowcaster template
Cardboard box big enough to accommodate the template
Electrical tape
Hot glue gun
4 pieces of cardstock
1 sheet of 3mm craft foam (you won’t need the whole thing, just a few strips)
2 ping pong balls
2 extra long twisties
Assorted buttons
Awal or something sharp to pierce a hole
Wreath wire
Strap (optional)
Elmer’s glue and paintbrush
Black paint
Metallic silver paint
Paint brush

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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