How to Make Fossil Soaps (melt and pour)

How to Make Fossil Soaps (melt and pour)

It’s easy to make “fossil” soaps with safer melt and pour soap, and it makes a fun craft to do with kids (under adult supervision).

Items like shells and creepy crawlers make great fossil soaps and are unharmed by the soap. Just make sure your soap is not too hot if you’re using creepy crawlers or it may melt them. You want the soap cool enough so that it’s not steaming before pouring it over a creepy crawler. You can also give the soap a more gray color if you really want to increase the rocky fossil look.

The scents are I use here are essential oils, and the dyes are homemade veggie dyes. I do have a tutorial posted for the dandelion dye here.

Opaque melt and pour soap base
Soap scent
Soap dye
Melting pan
Square or rectangular soap mold
“Fossil” items (i.e. shells, rocks, creepy crawlers, etc.)
Stirring stick
Knife (optional, used for cutting out fossil items if necessary)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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