How to Make Soap with Rubber Stamps (melt and pour)

How to Make Soap with Rubber Stamps (melt and pour) The possibilities of rubber stamp soaps are limited only by your stamp collection.

You can use pretty any rubber stamp to make these rubber stamp soaps. And because the heat doesn’t affect the stamps, you can use the same rubber stamps over and over again to make soap bars. (This works very similarly to the “fossil” soaps tutorial I did earlier this year). Since these soaps use safer melt and pour soap, they make a fun craft to do with children. The scents are I use here are essential oils, and the dyes are homemade veggie dyes. I do have a tutorial posted for the dandelion dye here.

Opaque melt and pour soap base
Melting pan
Soap scent
Soap dye
Rubber stamps
Square or rectangular soap mold
Stirring stick
Knife (optional, used for cutting out rubber stamps)

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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