Star Lord Part 3 – Star Lord Costume Tutorial: Cheap and Easy DIY Quad Blasters

Star Lord Costume Tutorial - Quad BlastersOrdinary cardboard can easily become a perfect quad blaster. Part 3 of this Star Lord costume tutorial shows you how to make a cheap and easy one.

I posted the Star Lord holster tutorial last week, but it’s actually a better idea to make your quad blasters first, so you know exactly how big they are when you’re making your holster to fit them. These Star Lord quad blasters are super cheap and easy to make, since they consist of mostly just cardboard. I had considered just getting the Nerf version and painting it, but since Star Lord has 2 blasters, I didn’t really want to spend that much, so I made them instead, for pretty much free, since I already had everything on hand. Not quite as cool as the real thing, but a whole lot cheaper.

Quad blaster template (free pdf download)
Corrugated cardboard
Scissors / x-acto knife
3 Pieces of cardstock
1 sheet of 3mm craft foam
A couple small scraps of 5mm craft (or just glue together a couple pieces of 3mm) for the triggers
White school glue and foam paint brush
Black electrical tape
Hot glue gun
Black paint or spray paint
Blue, purple, gold, and silver metallic paints and paint brush

Star Lord Costume Tutorial: Cheap & Easy DIY Quad Blasters By Amber Reifsteck, The Woodland Elf

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