Star Lord Part 1 – How to Make a Star Lord Costume Jacket

How to Make a Star Lord Costume JacketThis is the 2nd part of how to make a Star Lord costume (though it’s the first actual part of Star Lord himself), to follow last week’s infinity orb tutorial.

This is mainly for the distressed jacket (the pants and shirt were mostly completed, I just added a few details). It’s pretty easy to distress the Star Lord jacket with a few different colors of paint and some intentionally “sloppy” light painting. I did the short jacket here, since that’s what Star Lord wore more in the movie, but if you wanted the long version, you could alter it by sewing a rectangle of fake leather material onto the bottom of your jacket and distressing it the same way.

The fake leather pieces I used here were some left over material from my Anakin costume, and that material can be found in JoAnn fabrics. That’s also where I got the studs, but if you can’t find any, you can always just use paper fasteners, and paint them with a little bronze or grungy gold paint to make them look more distressed.

2nd hand fake leather jacket
1 ft of fake leather
2 black straps (or fabric scraps to use as straps)
2 buckles or D rings
Paper fasteners or round studs
Red paint
Brown paint
Dark brown paint
Slate blue t shirt
A pair of black pants (with as many pockets as possible)
2 small pieces of 5 mm craft foam
Hot glue gun
Metallic silver paint

How to Make a Star Lord Costume  – by Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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