Wonder Woman Costume DIY Part 3: Corset and Skirt

Wonder Woman Costume DIY Part 3: Corset and Skirt This is the final part of my Wonder Woman costume tutorial and it details how to make the skirt and the corset.

For this part of the costume I used my Warrior Corset. You can pretty much use any favorite corset pattern you have for this Wonder Woman costume, but if you want to use the pattern that I used for this, you can get it here for a $1. When making the Wonder Woman costume, if you find the scrapbooking brads are too pointy on the underside of the corset, just hot glue some scraps of material over them to cover the rough edges.

For the skirt, I chose to wear black leggings under it, as I don’t really like showing a lot of skin, but if you want to show some leg, you can just get a black or navy blue skirt from a second hand shop, cut it off short and wear it under the vinyl skirt of the Wonder Woman costume.

If you missed the previous parts of this Wonder Woman costume how to, you can check out the bracer tutorial here and the tiara, eagle, belt, and boots tutorial here.

By Amber Reifsteck ~ The Woodland Elf

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