Dr. Strange Part 4: Robe

Easy DIY Dr. Strange Cosplay RobeIn this part of the DIY Dr. Strange cosplay tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to make an easy version of the robe portion of the costume.  Continue reading

Dr. Strange Costume Tutorial: Cape

Dr. Strange Costume Tutorial CapeSo finally getting back to the Dr. Strange costume tutorial with the cape. And as much as I like the comic book version of the cape with the gold stripes, I decided to go ahead and create the movie version instead. Continue reading

Dr. Strange Costume Part 1: DIY Dr. Strange Costume Magic Circle Prop

DIY Dr Strange Costume Easy Magic Circle PropYou won’t even need to posses the Eye of Agamotto to make this cheap and easy DIY Dr. Strange costume magic circle prop. Continue reading

Spiderman Costume Tutorial Part 3: DIY Web Shooters and Gloves

Spiderman Costume Tutorial Web Shooters and Gloves What would Spiderman be without his web shooters? Not much of a spider. And so part 3 of the Spiderman costume tutorial is the much requested Spiderman web shooters. Continue reading